Friday, January 29, 2010




BearFlix is a client for download video files .Have antivirus and parental control options .Can search videos on internet and have an advanced option for that.It is the fastest online video application on the web offering access to many video files.Fast video searching, deep search and many accurate search results. Video download is now simple and easy. It is optimized for large and small video downloads. Choose between BearFlix basic and BearFlix Pro. With basic you can search and download for free while with Pro you can get more results, connect to more streams and get your files faster. Find and share videos with your friends.

· Connect to more sources and download video faster
· Find more free video files with a deep search mechanism
· Improved user interface, designed for Video downloads
· Video specific media player
· Automatic Virus protection
· Configurable Parental controls

In Pro you have:
· More Queries
· Faster more Streams Overall
· Preferential Treatment for getting files
· upgrades included
· More Search Results
· Faster more Streams


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